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We specialise in any type of rubble removals in Cape Town , from small to large loads, building rubble, mixed rubble and general household junk. Our services include delivery of building sand and stone. We can also deliver topsoil, lawndressing, compost, and brown gravel stone for landscaping and we offer transport for building materials to sites as well.

We operate in and around the greater Cape Town area. We have trucks that can load up to 15 tons (10 cubes) of rubble, sand and stone. If you have built in kitchen cabinets installed and there is building rubble we will remove that as well. (Visit BravaKitchens Web Page - Kitchen Cabinet Companies JHB)

We are reliable, efficient and offer competitive rates, with same-day service!

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Rubble Removal Cape TownRubble Removal Cape Town Rubble Removal Cape Town



  • Sand Supplier We remove any type of rubble, garden refuse or building material with tipper trucks
  • Sand Supplier We transport building materials or any other transport requirements you might have
  • Sand Supplier We supply building sand, stone and other building materials
    Sand Supplier We deliver topsoil, compost, lawndressing and brown gravel stone for landscaping
    Sand Supplier We remove small rubble loads under 1.2 tons
  • Sand Supplier We do demolishing and rubble clearance
  • Sand Supplier We clear stands for new building projects


We operate in Cape Town and the surrounding area.

Cape Core Rubble strives for the best in service.

We aim to serve the customer first and foremost, with timeous delivery, every time.

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Grey Concrete Stone 6mm, 19mm Filling Sand Supplier
G5 subbase Supplier Philippi Sand Supplier
Brown Stone/Gravel Supplier Malmesbury/River Sand Supplier
River Rock Supplier Malmesbury Mix Sand Supplier
Topsoil Lime Sand Supplier


Please click here for our pricelist for all areas in and around Cape Town. Below is a general pricelist for Cape Town CBD area.
Type Description Price (5 cubes) Area
Builders Rubble removal Concrete, sand, stone, cement and bricks. R950 per load Cape Town CBD
Mixed rubble removal Mix of concrete, sand, stone, cement, garden refuse, plastic, paper, timber & metal. R1400 per load Cape Town CBD
Garden refuse removal Garden refuse ie. grass, branches, sand, plants, trees. R1400 per load Cape Town CBD
Philippi Sand Fine sand for plastering R950 per load Cape Town CBD
Malmesbury Sand Course sand, used for levelling and filling under paving etc. R1400 per load Cape Town CBD
Fill Sand Fine sand, used for filling areas. R850 per load Cape Town CBD
Mix Sand ie Malmesbury Mix: blend of sands, used for plastering, building & concrete. R900 per load Cape Town CBD
Grey Concrete Stone 13/16/19mm: Used in the making of concrete, drainage & cavity filling. R1850 per load Cape Town CBD
Subbase: G5 Used for driveways, parking areas and under paving. R1250 per load Cape Town CBD
* Note:The prices for rubble removal above include the Landfill tariffs. Our prices are negotiable depending on the quantity ordered.

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